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Pumping At Work- Things Managers Should Not Say

Sep 06, 2023

Do your managers know what they can/cannot say when an employee needs to pump?


Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (PWFA) recently went into effect in June 2023 - it protects pregnant workers and those who are pregnant while they are applying for a job. For employees who are pregnant or pumping at work, managers should not make these types of statements, as they may be deemed harassing or retaliatory:

1. Do you really need to do that again?

2. Can’t the baby just have formula?

3. When is this going to stop?

4. Any other inappropriate comments about the process

How can businesses address this? Train your workers on what they can/cannot say and the legal protections for pregnant and pumping employees and job applicants. Taking preventative steps is so much easier (and the right thing to do) for everyone involved.

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