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The Importance of Manager Training

Jun 27, 2023

Do Managers Need to Be Trained on Employment Laws in Florida?

Even if a company has employees in an at will employment state, the employment laws still apply. Employees can (and will) file wrongful termination claims against companies when they are fired, demoted, not hired, or their schedule has changed. If managers on the front lines are making decisions regarding the employees, they must have sufficient knowledge of the employment laws so they don’t unknowingly expose the company to liability (which happens all the time).

Under the employment laws, the actions of the businesses managers can be imputed to the company. Therefore, it’s important the managers (and HR department) knows how to spot potential issues that can expose the company to significant liability. They don’t have to be experts on the laws (this is what the lawyers are for) but at the very least, need to know when a law is potentially implicated, so employment counsel can be contacted.

Do your front line managers know if its legal to take these actions?

1. Reducing an employees hours because she is pregnant and the manager doesn’t want her to overexert herself

2. Requiring an employee to report to work after a panic attack because she is all out of PTO

3. Writing an employee up for violating the company policy against overtime

4. Calling an employee who is out on FMLA leave to ask questions about unrelated allegations of harassment

Do your managers know when to document certain issues and more importantly HOW to document?

✔️We create a deliver customized HR/employment law training programs for managers and C Suite executives. We can appear in person or live by zoom.

✔️Make sure to take the preventative steps to prepare your management team for success and don’t wait until there is a lawsuit that could substantially effect your bottom line.

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The Wannos Law Firm, P.A. provides legal advice to Florida businesses. Karly Wannos is a workplace investigator for claims of discrimination, harassment and retaliation, Florida employment law mediator and provides training to businesses on employment laws. 

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