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The Wannos Law Firm, P.A. is a Florida-based employment law firm, representing Florida businesses and employees in workplace disputes. 

Our services include Legal Representation,  Workplace Investigations into allegations of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation, and employment Mediations


Services We Provide

The Wannos Law Firm, P.A. offers streamlined legal services to both employees and employers on workplace matters
including employment contract review, employee handbook review and preparation, Florida mediations, Florida workplace investigations of harassment, discrimination and retaliation, audits of employment practices and day-to- day consulting on workplace matters.

Employment and HR Law - Consulting & Representation

The Wannos Law Firm provides legal advice and guidance to both employees and employers who need help navigating through Human Resource (HR) issues and potential legal disputes in the workplace. 

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Workplace Investigations

Employers should conduct investigations when there are complaints of harassment, discrimination or retaliation in the workplace. Complex matters involving many employees with serious allegations should be conducted by an employment law attorney, who is well versed in the law, and has litigated cases involving discrimination, harassment and workplace investigations. 

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Workplace Training

Attorney Karly Wannos offers Employment Law and HR courses and trainings so the company and its management team can comply with federal and Florida employment laws. Courses are on-demand and customized.

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Florida Mediator

Mediation can be a more cost-effective and time-efficient way to resolve disputes, and our experienced employment lawyers in Florida can help guide clients to a mutually beneficial agreement.

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The Wannos Law Firm specializes
in the following areas of employment law:

HR Consulting & Compliance:

Our Florida employment lawyers for businesses works closely with human resources professionals and executives to help ensure all areas of the business are engaging in best practices to avoid litigation, retain effective and productive employees, and comply with federal and state employment laws.

Litigation of Employment Disputes:

We strive to resolve workplace disputes before they proceed to litigation. However, not all workplace disputes can be resolved, and at times, this results in litigation. The Wannos Law Firm represents business at the EEOC level, and in litigation in Florida state and federal courts.

Legal Risk Assessment Audit for Florida Businesses

Florida businesses need to make sure they are properly set up to comply with Florida employment laws. 

- is the business paying employees properly (hourly or salary or overtime?)

- are employees misclassified as independent contractors?

- is the business keeping proper documentation in the event of a Department of Labor audit?

- does the Florida business have an employee handbook and independent contractor agreements?

- Learn about our Five Step Legal Risk Assessment Audit Process

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Choose The Wannos Law Firm, P.A. for Strong, Effective Representation 

When it comes to
employment law needs in Florida, The Wannos Law Firm, P.A. is the best choice due to our:

  • Experienced Representation: Our attorneys have years of experience representing clients in a variety of employment law matters, including harassment, discrimination, and wage and overtime disputes. 
  • Personalized Attention: We understand that each case is unique – expect a tailored approach and responsive communication throughout the process.
  • Strategic Guidance: Develop a plan of action in the client's best interests, providing a clear understanding of options and helping them make informed decisions.
  • Compassionate Approach: Our attorneys understand the emotional impact of employment disputes on individuals and approach each case with empathy and understanding.
  • Trusted Reputation: Clients trust our firm for our unwavering professionalism, integrity, and commitment to achieving the best possible outcome for their case.

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Protect your rights and interests in the workplace. Get zealous representation from seasoned employment lawyers in Florida. Contact The Wannos Law Firm today to schedule a consultation and find out how we can help you resolve workplace disputes.

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Karly Wannos is an experienced attorney helping resolve workplace issues in Florida

Karly founded the Wannos Law Firm to provide a proactive approach to helping both employees and employers navigate employment law disputes. After handling hundreds of employment disputes in state and federal court and at the EEOC level, Karly knows the proactive measures companies need to be compliant with Florida employment and HR laws, so they can stay out of the courtroom and focus on the success of their employees and business.

Karly is an experienced attorney, workplace investigator, HR consultant and mediator.


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