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Top Reasons Why Clients Hire The Wannos Law Firm

Jan 29, 2024

Top Reasons Why Clients Hire the Firm

This is based on information I received from prospective clients who interviewed several employment lawyers for their small business (50 employees) and ultimately decided to hire The Wannos Law Firm

- Availability - I make myself available for phone calls with clients without having to wait 5+ days and also utilize efficient scheduling tools to save time

- No Assigned Associate- You get to work directly with me, and will not be assigned to an associate or other staff member

- Estimate of Fees- I will make my best effort to provide a flat rate or monthly subscription when possible, so you know what to expect in terms of legal fees.

- Ease of Explaining Legal Terms- No confusing legal jargon or overly wordy explanations needed

We have a few more openings for our monthly Employment Law Subscription clients in 2024. Let’s schedule a call to discuss how we can help! 


The Wannos Law Firm, P.A. provides legal advice to Florida businesses. Karly Wannos is a workplace investigator for claims of discrimination, harassment and retaliation, Florida employment law mediator and provides training to businesses on employment laws. 

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