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New Business Package - HR Audit

Mar 07, 2023

Florida businesses need to make sure they are properly operating to comply with Florida employment laws. This is true for businesses who are considering hiring employees in the near future, as well as already established Florida businesses who want to make sure their policies and practices are not violating the law. 

Common legal violations by new businesses include:

- Paying employees a salary when they should be paid hourly

- Not knowing how to properly keep track of employee time, thereby violating the overtime laws. 

- Classifying a worker as an independent contractor, when the person is truly an employee- and why this matters

- Failure to keep proper documentation and thereby being subject to fines and penalties after a  Department of Labor audit?

- Not having appropriate legal agreements to protect the business, such as an employee handbook and independent contractor agreement

If your business is unsure of these answers and want to make sure your small business is operating legally, then the New Business Package- an HR Audit for Florida Businesses is for you! 


The New Business Package is for new businesses who have employees or who want to hire employees or independent contractors. It is also for established businesses who want to make sure their employee procedures are legal.


First, the Florida small businesses will schedule a complementary consultation to meet with Florida employment attorney, Karly Wannos, to discuss the program and make sure we are a good fit to work together. Once we decide to proceed, the business will obtain legal services in the following four steps:

Step 1: Comprehensive questionnaire process

Step 2: Personalized Consultation with Florida employment attorney, Karly Wannos, to discuss your business, potential risky policies and to gain a deeper understanding of the business needs and operations.

Step 3: Customized written recommendations for legal compliance. This will include changes to your existing policies and recommendations for implementation of new policies and procedures to ensure compliance with the law.

Step 4: Follow up and implementation of the recommendations to help ensure the new procedures are properly working for you.


- Interviews and hiring

- Required documentation and posters

- Determination of whether the employees are exempt or non-exempt under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

- Classification of employees or independent contractors and a discussion of its importance and strategic planning to fit your business needs

- Preparation of legal documentation to protect the business

- Legal advice to help avoid Department of Labor and EEOC investigations.

For more information, contact Florida employment attorney, Karly Wannos for a complementary discover call to see if your business is a good fit for the New Business Package- HR Audit for Businesses with Employees.

The Wannos Law Firm, P.A. provides mediation and legal services on employment matters. Use the scheduling link to schedule an online consultation. 

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