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Lets Work Together in 2022!

Jan 03, 2022

Let’s work together in 2022!

Make sure your business is dialed in and protected on the back end so you can focus on your zone of genius and dedicate your time to the things that truly light you up!

Small businesses and entrepreneurs (1-5 employees) should make sure they are not running afoul of employment laws, but should also have certain systems and documentation in place (employee handbook, independent contractor agreement, employment agreement, job description, etc).

Medium sized businesses (5-20 employees or more) should make sure they have all of the above, and should also make sure to include employee training on employment laws. The management team is on the front line with your employees and should know how to respond to employee issues when they arise. This is helpful for transparency and employee retention, but also helps protect the company from employee lawsuits.

Interested in learning more? Here is how we can work together in 2022!

1. Entreprenuer audit - make sure you properly classifying your employees/independent contractors. Do you have all appropriate documents, forms, procedures in place? Set up a comprehensive and in depth audit of your business systems. (Link in comments to schedule an appointment- for companies doing business in Florida only.)

2. HR/Manager training on employment laws - Self paced online courses so you can have the peace of mind to know your managers are equipped with the skills necessary to legally address issues with employees. Current courses included Americans with Disabilities Act and Sexual Harassment Prevention. Employment law for supervisors (the basics of all employment laws and leadership) will be available in January 2022.

3. Downloadable HR Forms and Contracts (coming soon)- use these downloadable forms to (1) protect the company’s intellectual property; (2) protect from independent contractors staling you company’s ideas and vendor lists; (3) set clear expectations for what is required for the services you are providing, collaborations and payment.

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ADA: The Complete Course: learn everything you need to know about the Americans with Disabilities Act, to ensure you comply with the law! Check it out here.

Sexual Harassment Course for Managers. More Info Here.


Step-By-Step Guide to Investigating a Sexual Harassment Complaint: Download here.
The Employer's Termination Checklist: A Guide to Terminating an At Will Employee and Avoiding Retaliation Claims. Download Here. 

Karly Wannos Media Kit. Get it Here. 

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