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How Florida Businesses Can Avoid Discrimination Claims in the Workplace

Feb 03, 2023

“My manager overly scrutinizes my work, and doesn’t do that for the others.”

More times than not, this will turn into a discrimination and potential retaliation claim.

How do I know this and what should Florida businesses look for?

I have been representing businesses in employment litigation for 15 years. Many of the lawsuits I have defended involve a lack of communication.

Employees will not necessarily report “discrimination” in the workplace, but rather the complaints come in through language such as “unfair treatment”; “nit-picking my work” or “doesn’t like me but favors the others.”

These types of employee complaints are not protected activities because they don’t reference a protected class. However, they somehow turn into discrimination/retaliation claims.

How should companies avoid exposure to lawsuits?

Its important for companies to know when to investigate an issue, even if the complaining party doesn’t use formal language.

If employees are referencing favoritism, unfair treatment, overly aggressive managers, businesses should address this- whether it be informally or through a formal workplace investigation. It may seem unnecessary or tedious, but a simple conversation with both parties can save companies a great deal of time and money in the long run- not only in litigation costs, but turnover and decreased production as well.

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