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Five Reasons to Review Your Employee Handbook in 2023

Jan 18, 2023

Is Your Employee Handbook Outdated? Here are 5 reasons to review your Employee Handbook for 2023.

1. The laws have changed - This is an obvious one. The laws change each year and can be different in each state. Make sure you are not operating under old laws.

2. Remote employees- if the business has remote employees, it needs to comply with the employment laws for the state in which the remote employee performs the work. If the business is located in one state and its employees works from home in another, you likely need to update your policies.

3. Presentation - How will your policies look to a jury? Do they seem unfair, overly restrictive or confusing? The policies may be enlarged on a huge screen at trial and picked apart. Make sure the policies appropriately reflect the law and the company

4. Follow through- Is the business actually following the policies it has in the handbook? I recently revised a handbook for a client and they charged employees for local phone calls made from the company phone. Is this an old policy that was never updated, or is the business actually charging for local phone calls made by employees?

5. Recent or Reoccurring Problems - It might be important to address any recent or reoccurring problems/issues with your employees. For example, are certain policies causing confusion or creating unnecessary liability for the company? Are employees forgetting to clock out, working overtime when its not approved in advance by a manager, or not calling out after the second day of being out sick, etc. These can/should all be addressed.

Handbooks should be revised to meet the needs of BOTH the employer and the employees. Make sure your Employee Handbook is working for you and not against you.

I will be reviewing employee handbooks in January and February. Send me a message to schedule a consultation to discuss a review and revision of yours.

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