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Mastering the Employment Laws

Oct 23, 2023

HR - you’re doing it all. Hiring, benefits, payroll, compliance, DEI, equal pay initiatives, changing laws for non-competes, pumping at work, etc… You might know the laws, but will management get the necessary information to you so you can make the right decisions? 

If the managers aren’t trained on the laws, then much of your hard work and efforts will fall flat.

For most businesses, managers are on the front lines dealing with employee performance, time off, insubordination, etc. If they don’t know to send certain issues up the chain of command, the message will never get to the person who needs to receive it. 

For example, the person who advises of a mental health issue and needs time off (possibly under the ADA) may be told by a manager he needs to work in person or face termination.

This is potentially illegal, but the manager doesn’t know it.

Manager decisions can create legal liability for a company.

If the manager hasn’t been trained to “issue spot” potential violations of employment laws, the company could be on the hook. 

Management teams do not have to be experts in employment law, but need to know the basics so they can take appropriate actions.

Even if you have an in house HR Director within your organization, those individuals need to stay up to date on the employment laws. 

This is exactly why we created our signature course: Mastering Employment Law Concepts- a deep dive and refresher course for Businesses and HR Professionals on the most important federal employment laws affecting businesses.

We create and deliver on-demand professional development workshops for individuals and HR departments on employment laws. This is an on demand course, but is available as a customized package as well.

This course is for those who are:
- New to HR
- Expanding your HR Department and adding new members
- Find there are gaps in the HR professionals expertise
- A seasoned HR professional needs a refresher on employment law topics
- business owner who wants to stay up to date on the employment laws

What’s Included?
- Access to 40+ video lessons on the most important federal employment laws (FMLA, FLSA, Title VII, ADA)
- Customizable HR Templates
- Downloadable Checklists, guides and forms
- Unlimited access for lifetime of the program
- 10 PDC Credits through SHRM

Includes discussions on hiring and firing, best practices to prevent discrimination and harassment in the workplace, best practices on employee pay and classification and navigating job protected medical leave under the ADA.


Interested in learning more about employment law courses for your management team? We offer on demand, customized and in-person trainings on Employment law basics, the ADA and Sexual Harassment Prevention. Send me a message to schedule a complementary consultation to discuss if the training is right for your team.


Have we met? I’m a Florida employment lawyer, workplace investigator and employment law mediator. I help my clients navigate tricky workplace situations and comply with employment laws through legal advice and counseling, workshops/customized trainings for managers, HR and preparation of legal agreements.


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