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052: Don’t Take The Bait: Tricky Things Employees Do to Get Employers Into Trouble

podcast Sep 27, 2023

Dive headfirst into the world of modern employer-employee dynamics, as we shine a spotlight on some of the trickiest situations that can land employers in hot waters. This captivating episode promises to equip you with the knowledge and insight to navigate these murky waters. We address this head-on with an engaging discussion on the legality, and potential fallout, of requiring employees to stay within the premises during an unpaid lunch break – a question sparked by our keen listener. Employers take note as we dissect the legal implications of such a policy and stress the importance of seeking legal counsel before implementing such measures.

Hold onto your hats as we dissect hush-hush tactics employees may resort to for upper-hand leverage. From choosing termination over resignation for a favorable wrongful termination claim to discreetly reporting harassment, this episode uncovers it all. We also touch on the pitfall of paying employees a lump sum for overtime work. So, stay tuned for this thought-provoking conversation that aims to empower business owners and HR professionals with the understanding and strategies to stay ahead of the game. This episode serves as a gentle reminder of the importance of educating your employees about their rights and the potential repercussions of what happens when they do so.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Understanding restrictions on employee lunch break
  • Tricky situations employees can put employers into and how to respond
  • How to handle an employee who requests to be terminated
  • What to do when an employee doesn't want his/her harassment complaint reported

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