Employment Law for Businesses - Basics

Learn about the Employment Laws for Your Business 

In this Legal workshop, I'll show you the step by step strategy to making sure you have the proper procedures in place to best protect your company from lawsuits relating to your employees. 


In this Workshop, You Will Learn... 

Best Practices

Learn about hiring, firing, wrongful termination, and best practices to protect your business with employees

Proper Documentation 

Learn what documentation is suggested and required for businesses with employees 


Learn how to properly classify workers as an independent contractor or employee, properly pay employees under the FLSA and avoid overtime claims  


What's Inside?


  • Proper Documentation: Learn How, What and Why to Document Employee Issues ¬†

  • ¬†Terminations:¬†Learn Important Things to Avoid When Terminating At-Will Employees ¬†¬†

  • ¬†Misclassification: Learn How to Properly Classify Employees and Independent Contractors and Why its so Important to Your Business ¬†¬†


  • ¬†Paying Employees: Learn How the difference in paying employees hourly or salary and important obligations for businesses¬†


Meet Karly Wannos

Employment Attorney

Karly Wannos is an employment lawyer in Florida. Karly represents employers in wage and hour claims, discrimination, harassment and retaliation claims under state and federal law. Karly is also a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Mediator, and conducts workplace investigations.

Karly partners with employers to understand their business needs and provides practical risk management advice, counseling, and training. 

Karly also provides consulting services to businesses on best practices for Human Resources and employment issues. Karly helps HR and businesses gain the confidence they need with her  Legal Contract Templates for HR and On-Demand Employment Law Trainings. For additional resources, you can check out The Employment Experience Podcast, where Karly presents episodes on all things HR, employment law, management and leadership.

The information contained on this site, and in the free legal workshop is not legal advice and does not create an attorney client relationship. The information presented in the workshop applies to Federal law only and is not state specific. Please consult with an attorney in your jurisdiction before relying on any information contained therein.