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How to Deliver Constructive Feedback Effectively – with Paul Falcone

Jul 27, 2023

How do you handle those uncomfortable conversations about personal hygiene, inappropriate attire, or tardiness at work? 

In a recent podcast episode, we had the privilege of hosting Paul Falcone, an international keynote speaker, and bestselling author, for an enlightening discussion on constructive feedback in the workplace. Paul brought his wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, providing valuable insights to help navigate sensitive issues and inspire leadership in the workplace. 

Managing Constructive Feedback 

Providing constructive feedback in the workplace is a delicate task. Addressing issues such as inappropriate attire, tardiness, offensive behavior, and personal hygiene require tact and finesse. However, when handled correctly, constructive feedback can prevent potential legal issues and foster a healthier work environment. 

The Fallout of Termination 

The potential fallout of terminating an employee at the end of the week can lead to feelings of isolation and vulnerability. Falcone emphasizes the significance of constructive feedback in such situations, highlighting its impact in a courtroom setting. It’s crucial to handle terminations in a manner that respects the employee's dignity and assures them of their worth, even as their association with the company ends. 

The Power of Perception Management 

Perception management is crucial for professional success, involving the active management of how others perceive our work and interactions with colleagues. Poor perception can limit career advancement and damage relationships in the workplace. 

It's important to take ownership of our own perception management by understanding what triggers negative perceptions, building positive relationships, and being sensitive when addressing negative perceptions with others. By seeking feedback, being open to growth, and avoiding defensive reactions, we can avoid limiting our potential and positively impacting our professional lives.

Delivering Feedback Respectfully 

Difficult conversations with employees can be challenging for managers. However, the book "101 Tough Conversations to Have with Employees" offers realistic sample dialogues that can help managers sidestep potential awkwardness and facilitate clear, direct interactions with their employees. Treating people respectfully and coaching them through issues can lead to positive outcomes.

The key to approaching difficult conversations is to make it safe for employees to feel comfortable and receptive to feedback. By asking for permission and framing the conversation as an opportunity to coach and support, managers can create a more positive and constructive dialogue. When employees understand that the conversation is for their good and that the manager is there to help them grow, they are much more likely to listen and take the feedback positively.

As leaders, it’s important to step up and evolve by leveraging constructive feedback as a tool to inspire and motivate our teams. Mastering constructive feedback not only enhances workplace relationships but also paves the way for effective leadership and a healthier work environment.

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