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How to Create A People-Centric Culture in the Workplace Where Both the Business and the Employees Thrive – with Chellie Phillips

Dec 28, 2023

The modern workplace has evolved tremendously over the years. However, one aspect that has remained a vital component of successful businesses is a strong and positive workplace culture. On our latest podcast episode, we had the pleasure of engaging in an enlightening conversation with Chellie Phillips, a culture maestro, on how to build and nurture an extraordinary workplace culture. 

Key to a Successful Workplace Culture 

  • Chellie emphasizes that a strong workplace culture is rooted in a shared vision and set of values that permeates the entire organization. 
  • She uses the acronym VALUE - vision and values, accountability, leadership, and uniqueness of employees, to summarize the fundamental elements of a thriving company culture. 
  • In essence, a company’s culture goes beyond a mission statement plastered on a wall. It is an emotional connection and the collective actions that truly define the culture of a company.

Personal and Work Brands 

  • A leader's personal brand can be a magnet attracting the right employees and clients to a company. 
  • On the other hand, employees can act as brand advocates, using their personal brands to enhance customer relations and the company's reputation. 

Employee Engagement and Work-Life Balance 

In today's dynamic workplace, the younger generations value flexibility and personal experiences. Companies can cater to these values while maintaining productivity through:

  • Promoting trust and accountability by encouraging transparency, open communication, and recognizing employees' contributions, leading to increased satisfaction and productivity. 
  • Assisting employees in building their personal brands and acting as brand advocates by utilizing social media for free marketing, improving reputation and employee engagement. 
  • Offering flexible work arrangements and respecting employees' personal time, aligning with modern attitudes towards work-life balance to boost morale, and productivity, and reduce turnover
  • Aligning company values with those of employees, resulting in a more engaged workforce and contributing to overall success.

Building and maintaining a strong company culture is not an easy task. However, with the right approach and understanding, it can significantly impact a business's success. From leadership and accountability to personal branding and employee engagement, every aspect contributes to shaping an extraordinary workplace culture.

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