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Hiring Trends and Hurdles for 2023 and Beyond – with Scott Dettman of Avenica

Aug 24, 2023

In the hiring market of 2023, there are several significant challenges and trends discussed in the podcast episode. Scott Dettman, CEO of Avenica, shares his insights on how inflation and market shortage are affecting the hiring landscape. He notes that the traditional ways of hiring are no longer as effective, due to the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) and other tech innovations on the recruitment process. 


The Hiring Market in 2023

One of the major issues is the use of AI algorithms to match resumes and job descriptions. While these algorithms can streamline the hiring process, they often result in over-filtering and a decrease in the number of potential candidates getting through. 

  • Only 14% of applicants make it past these automated filtering systems, suggesting a disconnect between the AI's screening criteria and the actual needs of employers. 
  • Scott suggests that the hiring process should not neglect the human element.
  • Employers need to look beyond raw data and focus on a candidate's potential, assessing their ability to learn, adapt, and add value to the company. This is particularly important in light of the significant shift in employment patterns during the pandemic and the continued effects of labor shortages. 


The Potential of ChatGPT Technology in The Hiring Process

While it has advantages, the technology is still limited in its ability to understand subtle nuances in conversations and build relationships. Ultimately, Scott emphasizes the importance of enhancing interview skills, overcoming biases, and optimizing the hiring process for success in this evolving job market.

  • ChatGPT technology, which is an AI-powered conversational agent, has promising potential in the hiring process. Technology can optimize hiring but this doesn’t discount the need for human touch. 
  • Chat GPT is a language-processing AI model. In the hiring context, it can be used to automate parts of the recruitment process, such as screening applications and initial interactions with candidates. 
  • AI can help streamline the process, but it's still not capable of building relationships or understanding subtle nuances in conversations, which is a critical part of effective hiring.
  • Chat GPT technology is being used to overcome the challenges of today's hiring market, such as market shortage and inflation. Despite its potential, it's crucial to balance the use of AI with the human element. For instance, while AI can help match resumes and job descriptions, it's also important to consider a candidate's potential and ability to add value, which might not be evident in raw data. 

While Chat GPT and other AI technologies have promising potential in the hiring process, they are tools to aid human decision-making, not replace it. Therefore, they should be used alongside traditional hiring methods to ensure an effective and comprehensive hiring process.

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