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Can I Use a Form For an Employee Handbook?

Aug 22, 2023
Employee Handbook Florida

Aren’t Employee Handbooks Just Forms?

While it may seem like an employee handbook is “just a form” take it from all of the employment lawyers- IT IS NOT. Why should businesses pay for a custom handbook when they can use one from their prior employer/business or their colleague who has one?

In short, it may create more liability to have a handbook from another company than if you didn’t have one in the first place. Here are a few examples that your company might want to avoid:

1. Obligations that do not apply to your business.

2. Progressive discipline policies

3. Language directing employees to report to people who don’t exist in your company

4. Directing employees to clock in/clock out when time cards don’t exist within the company

5. Requiring certain dress codes that are discriminatory on their face

6. Requiring the company to pay vacation time after an employee resigns, when this is not required in your state

7. Requiring the company to hold an employee’s position for 12 weeks, when the company isn’t covered under the FMLA

The handbook is one of the most Important documents setting the foundation for company. If you have a foundation that isn’t appropriate for your particular industry or company, the business is bound to crumble.

There have been several million dollar lawsuits because a comma was not in the correct place on a document and resulted in different interpretations of a sentence. Let the experts with experience in drafting and litigating these matters prepare these legal documents for the business.

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The information contained in this article is not legal advice and does not create an attorney client relationship. Consult with an employment lawyer in your state before making any important business decisions.

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